I found Jill’s [Personal Foodie] prepared menus and meals to be the most convenient and nutritious solution for me to maintain a reasonable diet and eating regiment to fit my lifestyle. I work 60-70 hours a week, and gained 28lbs eating whatever I could grab on the run around the office, or by delivery when I was at home. Once I enlisted Jill’s chef services to come in once or twice a week to prepare and pack up meals – breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners – I was able to stabilize my weight by eliminating the junk food and binge eating late at night. Truly my Saviour! Try the Chicken Meatballs, or the Cuban Flank Streak w/ Black Beans…all amazing.
— Bruce H.

Jill’s cooking brings me back to my mother’s kitchen. I highly recommend that she cook for you too.”
— Fred N.

Jill’s food runs the gamut from the Midwestern comfort food that I love to the super-healthy, high-end cuisine that my husband goes for. Not only does she offer great original menu choices every week, but she lets her clients give her recipes, like, in my case, my favorite food since childhood: my mother’s lasagna. I also just enjoy having her around the house, and so do my two girls.
— Laurie A.

“Hiring Jill after my baby was born was a great decision for our family. I can focus on the baby and not have to worry about eating healthy. We always have healthy home cooked meals in the house.”
— Jill G.

“I have worked with Jill for various catering events, where her company was providing service. She is fair, open-minded, and very organized and thorough. She was very clear on the tasks that were to be preformed, and open to suggestions on how to make the event run more smoothly. She hired the right people for each job, taking in to account their skills and assets to the entire team. I would work for Jill whenever possible, she is an excellent boss.”
Amy C.

“I hired Jill as a gift for a close friend who had just given birth 5 weeks early. I put them in touch with one another and Jill created a menu based on my friend’s preferences and delivered a week’s worth of scrumptious home cooked meals; and is forever grateful!”
Suzanne B.

“She is very imaginative and flexible. She’s got a great variety of dishes and will adapt her work to our needs or desires at any moment, and make it look easy. She’s honest, creative and hardworking and always leaves the kitchen super clean!”
Alicia W.

“i engaged jill as a personal chef for my son and daughter-in-law after they had their baby. this was my baby shower present–a weeks worth of dinners–for whenever they wanted to use it. they did, after the nurse left.jill met with them to determine their tastes and they loved her cooking. thanks, jill!
Hope G.

“Jill did a rehearsal dinner for me for 35 people. She did all the planning and cooking well ahead, she thought of everything nothing was left for last minute. The food was plentiful, served with grace and style. She is a true epicurean; flavors complimented each other from appetizers, salad, entrée and wonderful deserts. It is so comforting to be able to relax and have fun at your own party knowing Jill takes care of all the worrisome details, from start to a clean kitchen at the end. She now does weekly food planning and preparation, I am diabetic so this is no easy chore. She has become a god sent addition to my household.”
Judy P.